Frequently Asked Questions

There are no dice for sale?
I try to do a shop update every month, but since it is just myself making dice, sometimes that takes a bit longer. I do have a family and kids in school, so sometimes life gets busy.
How much do your dice cost?
My sets start out at $115 and vary in price depending on complexity of technique/materials and my time involved in making and finishing them.
Do you do dice commissions?
Yes, depending on how busy my schedule is. I will post when I have commission slots available. Commissions start at $115 and vary in price depending on complexity. It usually takes me about 3 weeks (depending on how many commissions I'm working on), sometimes less to complete commissions.
Are your dice balanced?
Hoo boy. You will only get perfectly balanced dice from casino grade sets. If that's your thing, awesome! I make handmade pieces of playable artwork, so there will never be a perfect balance. The inclusions I use are not heavy/light enough to skew roll results in any meaningful way. If you are worried about random rolls, get yourself a dice tower. Remember, most of us are playing a game of make-believe with our friends to have a good time. Simple.
What is your return/refund policy?
As I am a small, one-person shop, I do not offer refunds or accept returns. If your items get damaged or lost during shipping, please reach out to me.